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RLPC is your dedicated DUI defense firm serving individuals in Los Angeles, CA, and nearby areas. Our team has devoted decades to refining robust DUI defense strategies, ensuring that we are always at the forefront of legal developments and defense techniques in this field.

At RLPC our attorneys are fully prepared to leverage this accumulated knowledge to assist clients facing any type of DUI charge in California. We recognize that each DUI case comes with its unique challenges and complexities. Our approach is tailored to each client’s specific situation, focusing on minimizing or avoiding the repercussions of a DUI charge.

Whether it’s your first DUI offense or a more complex case, our lawyers are adept at navigating the legal system to provide you with the best possible defense. We aim to offer high-quality legal representation that combines our extensive experience with a personalized approach to each case.

Turn to RLPC for a defense that’s not just experienced but also strategically sound and tailored to your needs in Los Angeles, CA.

Diverse DUI Defense Strategies at Rubin Law, P.C.

RLPC offers comprehensive legal representation for individuals facing various DUI charges in Los Angeles, CA. We have refined our techniques to effectively defend clients against all forms of DUI charges prevalent in California.

BUI (Boating Under the Influence)

Operating a boat under the influence of drugs or alcohol in Los Angeles is a criminal offense, just as it is with vehicles. California law stipulates this applies to any recreational vessel operator with a BAC of .08% or higher. Our attorneys are adept at handling BUI cases, including those involving recreational or commercial boating, where the BAC limit is .04%.

Commercial Driver DUI

Commercial drivers in Los Angeles face stricter DUI standards, with a BAC threshold of only .04%. Understanding the severe impact a DUI conviction can have on your career, our team works tirelessly to defend commercial drivers, aiming to safeguard your CDL and employment.

Drugged Driving and Marijuana DUI

DUI in Los Angeles encompasses not just alcohol but also impairment due to prescription medication and illegal drugs. Our lawyers specialize in cases where drug impairment evidence, particularly for marijuana, is contentious. We challenge the reliability of tests, like blood tests for THC, that may not accurately indicate current impairment.

Prescription Drugs

Driving under the influence of prescription drugs is illegal. We critically assess the evidence collected during DUID investigations in Los Angeles, questioning the evaluations made by Drug Recognition Evaluators to advocate for our clients’ fair treatment.

DUI Causing Injury and DUI with Minor Passenger

Cases involving DUI with injury or a minor passenger in the car are particularly serious in Los Angeles, often carrying enhanced penalties. Our strategy is to vigorously defend against such charges, ensuring a comprehensive examination of all case facets and the protection of your rights.

Felony DUI

In Los Angeles, a DUI can escalate to a felony under certain conditions, such as causing injury or death, or having prior DUI convictions. Our team is experienced in handling such complex cases, providing strategic defense aimed at reducing the severity of the charges.

First DUI and Multiple DUI

Regardless of it being a first DUI or subsequent offenses, the implications in Los Angeles can be significant. We guide our clients through each step of the legal process, from DMV hearings to court appearances, ensuring a robust defense at every phase.

Out of State DUI and Underage DUI

For individuals not residing in California but facing DUI charges in Los Angeles, or for those under 21, we offer specialized legal services. We are well-versed in the unique aspects of these cases and work diligently to achieve favorable outcomes for our clients.

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