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Defending Sex Crimes

Navigating the Complexities of Sex Crime Accusations

Sex crime allegations are among the most sensitive and potentially damaging criminal cases. Those accused of such offenses, like sexual assault, often face significant public condemnation and reputational harm, sometimes even before the case reaches court. Disputes about whether sexual contact was consensual can make these cases particularly intricate and challenging.

RLPC is equipped to provide a robust defense in a range of sex crime cases, including:

  • Rape: Encompassing date rape, statutory rape, and other forms.
  • Sexual Assault and Battery
  • Indecent Exposure
  • Child Pornography
  • Child Molestation

The stakes in sex crime cases, especially those involving minors or charges of child pornography, are exceedingly high.

The Importance of Expert Legal Representation

When faced with sex crime charges, the confusion and urgency surrounding your defense strategy are paramount. Innocence alone does not guarantee a favorable outcome; competent legal representation is critical. At RLPC, we understand the nuances of sex crime defense and are committed to providing the highest quality legal counsel.

Charged with a sex crime? Don’t face these allegations alone. Contact RLPC for a free case review. Our experienced defense attorneys are ready to assess your case and offer the strategic, empathetic representation needed to navigate this challenging legal landscape.

Sexual Crimes Lawyer

Implications of Being on the Sex Offender Registry

Conviction for a sex crime often mandates registration as a sex offender. This means your personal details, including your name, photograph, address, and the nature of your offense, will be publicly accessible in an online sex offender database.

Being listed on the sex offender registry can have far-reaching consequences on your life. It can significantly restrict where you can live and work, as you will be required to register anew with local authorities every time you move. Additionally, the stigma attached to being a registered sex offender can lead to social ostracization and discrimination, affecting many aspects of your daily life.

Expert Defense for Sexual Offenses in Los Angeles by Rubin Law, P.C.

Our legal team at RLPC is highly experienced in the field of criminal defense law, with a notable track record of success in court. Recognized for our exceptional defense capabilities, we have secured numerous case dismissals and favorable outcomes for our clients. We understand the critical importance of your case and what’s at stake. Our approach is to fight vigorously, both inside and outside the courtroom. If you find yourself accused or under investigation for any sex crime, we strongly advise you to contact RLPC immediately for dedicated legal support.


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