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About Rubin Law P.C.: Your Premier Criminal Defense Attorney in Buena Park

At Rubin Law P.C., we are dedicated to serving the Buena Park community with unparalleled legal representation in criminal defense cases. Led by the esteemed Daniel Rubin, our firm stands as a beacon of excellence, committed to championing the rights of individuals facing criminal charges.

Meet Daniel Rubin: Your Trusted Advocate

Daniel Rubin’s journey into the legal realm began amidst the vibrant landscape of Southern California. Raised in Los Angeles, his early passion for justice led him to pursue a career in law. Daniel’s commitment to his clients is unwavering, driven by a vision to be a guiding light for those navigating the complexities of the criminal justice system.

With a scholarship to Whittier Law School, Daniel honed his skills and nurtured his vision of becoming a beacon for those in need. Since passing the bar in 2014, Daniel’s career has been marked by exemplary dedication and success. His accolades, including consecutive honors as a Rising Star from 2019 to 2023, underscore his consistent excellence and unwavering dedication to his clients.

Our Commitment to Buena Park: Exceptional Legal Services

Rubin Law P.C. offers a comprehensive range of criminal defense services, tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. Our expertise spans a broad array of criminal charges, from minor offenses to serious felonies. We specialize in areas including violent crimes, drug-related offenses, property crimes, personal offenses, white-collar crimes, and legal protections such as restraining orders and civil harassment.

Why Choose Rubin Law P.C.?

  • Experienced Attorneys: Our team brings over a decade of combined experience from some of Los Angeles’ best boutique firms, ensuring unparalleled expertise in every case.

  • Successful Case Outcomes: We have a proven track record of successfully defending countless clients, navigating the intricacies of the legal system with skill and tenacity.

  • Community Contribution: At Rubin Law P.C., we believe in justice and fairness. Our commitment to our clients has helped many avoid severe legal consequences, offering them a chance at rehabilitation and positive societal contributions.

Amenities and Perks at Rubin Law P.C.: Your Comfort Matters

  • Personalized Service: We understand that facing criminal charges can be daunting. That’s why we provide personalized attention and support to guide you through every step of the legal process.

  • Accessible Communication: Clear and open communication is key to a successful attorney-client relationship. We ensure that you are informed and involved throughout your case, providing regular updates and addressing any concerns you may have.

  • Flexible Appointment Scheduling: Your schedule matters to us. We offer flexible appointment scheduling options to accommodate your needs, whether it’s meeting in person, via phone, or video conferencing.

  • Confidentiality and Privacy: Your privacy is our priority. We maintain strict confidentiality to protect your sensitive information and ensure your peace of mind.

Your Defense Starts Here: Contact Rubin Law P.C. Today

If you’re facing criminal charges in Buena Park or the surrounding areas, don’t wait. Your defense matters, and we’re here to help. Contact Rubin Law P.C. today to schedule a consultation with our experienced legal team. Let us fight for your rights and provide you with the expert representation you deserve.

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Top 10 Questions and Answers About Criminal Defense in Buena Park, CA

Top 10 Questions and Answers on Criminal Defense in Buena Park

Navigating the complexities of criminal defense can be overwhelming, especially if you’re facing charges in Buena Park or its surrounding areas. To help shed light on common concerns, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 questions asked by individuals seeking legal guidance in Buena Park, along with detailed answers to each:

1. What Should I Do if I’m Arrested in Buena Park? If you’re arrested in Buena Park, it’s crucial to remain calm and assert your right to remain silent. Avoid making any statements to law enforcement until you’ve consulted with a qualified criminal defense attorney. Contact a trusted lawyer as soon as possible to protect your rights and begin building your defense.

2. How Can I Find a Reliable Criminal Defense Attorney in Buena Park? Finding a reliable criminal defense attorney in Buena Park is essential for securing the best possible outcome for your case. Look for attorneys with extensive experience in criminal defense, a proven track record of success, and positive client testimonials. Research online reviews, ask for referrals from trusted sources, and schedule consultations to find the right fit for your needs.

3. What Are the Most Common Types of Criminal Charges in Buena Park? In Buena Park, common types of criminal charges include DUIs, drug offenses, theft, assault, domestic violence, and property crimes. Understanding the specific charges against you is crucial for developing an effective defense strategy tailored to your case.

4. How Can I Fight Criminal Charges in Buena Park? Fighting criminal charges in Buena Park requires a strategic approach tailored to the unique circumstances of your case. Your attorney may explore defenses such as lack of evidence, mistaken identity, self-defense, illegal search and seizure, or constitutional violations. Building a strong defense often involves thorough investigation, witness interviews, and expert testimony.

5. What Are the Potential Penalties for Criminal Convictions in Buena Park? The potential penalties for criminal convictions in Buena Park vary depending on the nature of the offense and other factors such as prior criminal history. Penalties may include fines, probation, community service, restitution, mandatory counseling, and incarceration. Repeat offenders or those convicted of serious felonies may face more severe consequences.

6. Can I Expunge My Criminal Record in Buena Park? Under certain circumstances, individuals with past criminal convictions in Buena Park may be eligible to have their records expunged or sealed. Expungement allows qualifying individuals to have their convictions dismissed, providing a fresh start and improved opportunities for employment, housing, and other aspects of life.

7. How Long Will My Criminal Case Take in Buena Park? The duration of a criminal case in Buena Park varies depending on factors such as the complexity of the charges, court backlog, and negotiation efforts between the prosecution and defense. Some cases may be resolved relatively quickly through plea bargains or diversion programs, while others may require more time for investigation and trial preparation.

8. Will I Have to Go to Jail if Convicted in Buena Park? Whether you’ll have to go to jail if convicted in Buena Park depends on several factors, including the severity of the offense, your criminal history, and the discretion of the judge. In some cases, alternatives to incarceration such as probation, house arrest, or community service may be available. Your attorney will advocate for the most favorable outcome given your circumstances.

9. Should I Accept a Plea Bargain in Buena Park? Deciding whether to accept a plea bargain in Buena Park is a significant decision that should be made in consultation with your attorney. While plea bargains can offer reduced charges or penalties, they may also require admitting guilt and forfeiting certain rights. Your attorney will evaluate the strength of the prosecution’s case and negotiate on your behalf to secure the best possible deal.

10. How Much Does a Criminal Defense Attorney Cost in Buena Park? The cost of hiring a criminal defense attorney in Buena Park varies depending on factors such as the attorney’s experience, the complexity of the case, and the anticipated amount of time and resources required. Many attorneys offer flexible payment plans or flat fees for specific services, while others bill hourly. Discuss fee structures and payment options with potential attorneys during your initial consultations.

Call to Action: Trust Rubin Law P.C. for Expert Criminal Defense in Buena Park

Facing criminal charges can be a daunting experience, but you don’t have to navigate it alone. At Rubin Law P.C., we understand the challenges you’re facing and are here to provide the expert legal guidance and representation you need. With a proven track record of success and a dedication to our clients’ rights, we’re committed to fighting tirelessly on your behalf.

Don’t delay in securing the experienced legal advocacy you deserve. Contact Rubin Law P.C. today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward protecting your future. Let us be your trusted ally in the pursuit of justice in Buena Park and beyond.

About Buena Park, CA

Welcome to Buena Park, California: Your Guide to a Vibrant Community

Nestled in the heart of Orange County, Buena Park offers residents and visitors alike a diverse array of attractions, dining options, and cultural experiences. Whether you’re seeking family-friendly entertainment, delicious cuisine, or outdoor adventures, Buena Park has something for everyone. Explore the vibrant neighborhoods, iconic landmarks, and hidden gems that make Buena Park a must-visit destination.

Points of Interest:

  1. Knott’s Berry Farm: Experience thrills and excitement at one of America’s oldest theme parks, featuring roller coasters, live shows, and themed attractions for all ages. Website

  2. Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament: Step back in time to the age of knights and royalty with a thrilling dinner and show experience that combines jousting, feasting, and medieval entertainment. Website

  3. Pirates Dinner Adventure: Embark on a swashbuckling adventure aboard a replica 18th-century Spanish galleon, complete with acrobatics, sword fights, and a delectable pirate-themed dinner. Website

Places to Eat:

  1. Porto’s Bakery & Cafe: Indulge in delectable Cuban pastries, sandwiches, and desserts at this beloved local bakery known for its quality and affordability. Website

  2. Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant: Savor the legendary fried chicken and traditional American comfort food at this iconic restaurant located inside Knott’s Berry Farm. Website

  3. Thai Nakorn Restaurant: Enjoy authentic Thai cuisine served in a cozy atmosphere, with a menu featuring classic dishes and regional specialties. Website

Places to Visit:

  1. Buena Park Downtown: Explore this bustling shopping and entertainment district, home to a variety of retail stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

  2. Boisseranc Park: Relax and unwind in this expansive park offering playgrounds, sports fields, picnic areas, and walking trails, perfect for outdoor recreation and family fun.

  3. Ralph B. Clark Regional Park: Immerse yourself in nature at this scenic park, featuring lakes, ponds, and lush greenery, ideal for hiking, biking, and wildlife viewing.

City Information:

Buena Park boasts a rich history, vibrant culture, and diverse community. With convenient access to major freeways and attractions, including Disneyland Resort and Anaheim Convention Center, Buena Park is a prime location for residents and visitors alike. From award-winning schools and parks to thriving businesses and cultural events, Buena Park offers the perfect blend of small-town charm and big-city amenities.

Experience Excellence in Legal Representation with Rubin Law P.C.:

When it comes to legal matters in Buena Park, trust Rubin Law P.C. to provide expert guidance and representation. Led by the esteemed Daniel Rubin, our firm is committed to championing the rights of individuals facing criminal charges. With a proven track record of success and a dedication to our clients’ well-being, we strive to deliver unparalleled legal services tailored to your unique needs.

Call to Action: Contact Rubin Law P.C. Today

If you’re in need of expert legal assistance in Buena Park or the surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to reach out to Rubin Law P.C. Our experienced team is here to advocate for your rights and provide the personalized attention you deserve. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward resolving your legal matter with confidence. Your future is our priority at Rubin Law P.C.


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