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Defending Tax Fraud

When it comes to tax matters, it’s essential to understand that the IRS’s primary objective is to ensure the collection of owed taxes rather than incarceration. However, if a recurring pattern of tax fraud emerges, indicating a lack of trustworthiness in fulfilling tax obligations, the IRS may pursue tax fraud charges. Such charges can lead to federal prison sentences and various other consequences.

If you find yourself facing an IRS audit or are already confronted with tax fraud charges, seeking legal representation becomes paramount.

Tax fraud allegations arise when individuals deliberately provide false information on their tax returns, aiming to either hide their income or manipulate documents to evade tax payments. You might wonder about the distinction between tax fraud and simple tax errors. Surprisingly, even recurring errors can lead to tax fraud charges, depending on intent. The key factor is intention: intentionally providing false information constitutes fraud. The IRS looks for various indicators when assessing potentially fraudulent activities, including:

  1. Attempts to conceal illegal activities
  2. Dealing in cash to avoid a paper trail
  3. Concealing assets or their source
  4. Underreporting income
  5. Failure to file tax returns
  6. Failure to make estimated tax payments
  7. Maintaining inadequate records

Suspicious entries on your tax forms can trigger further IRS investigation, potentially resulting in tax fraud charges. A conviction for tax fraud can carry severe penalties, including imprisonment and substantial financial fines or restitution to the IRS for owed taxes.

When facing such high-stakes situations, it’s crucial to have an experienced and assertive tax attorney by your side. At Rubin Law PC, our Los Angeles tax lawyers specialize in representing clients in tax disputes, audit defense, and criminal tax defense. We have the knowledge and dedication to prepare a compelling defense tailored to your unique case. Trust us to protect your tax rights and navigate the complexities of the tax system on your behalf.


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